The First Permanent Orchestra in the World to Interpret
Women and Men Composers' Musical Works in Equal Measure

Happiness and Dignity, Through the Mixture of Arts and Humanities, For a World promoting the Colours of Peace    

Orchestre Symphonique Européen Musica & Pace

Happiness and Dignity thanks to the Arts and Humanisms involved, for a World in the Colours of Peace.

1 - Descriptive

The Musica and Peace European Symphonic Orchestra (OSEMP) is an association governed by the 1901 French law.

It was founded on the 21^st^ February 2008. Its head quaters are based Maison des Associations La Luna -- 265 Promenade des Anglais -- Rue G. Faraut -- 06 200 -Nice -- Alpes-Maritimes Department--Sud-Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur Region - France. To give the European dimension the association has chosen to carry out its activities on both French and Italian territory..

The general purpose of the European Symphonic Orchestra is to bring to light the diversity of musical creation in Europe in order to offer a space for a cultural exchange, discussion, and co-operation in the musical domain while consolidating the bonds between the country members and their regions for a better knowledge of the commun cultural patrimony.

On the humanitarian side, all funds collected will be put back into charitable or ecological works and the restoration and preservation of commun patrimonies as well as the diffusion of musical education.

Innnovation in the formula of the concerts adapting to all types of places and public to touch the greatest number of people without discrimination. Conducting concerts with a social context in cooperation with humanitarian associations that assist the most needy, and associations that protect the environnement and such being a French initiative, the Music and Peace European Symphonic Orchestra gives its native country a quality role with respect to cultural creation and its capacity to develop in the Artistic domain while promoting the French culture across Europe. All the members of the orchestra are francophones.

The orchestra is itinerant and provides long-term activities, exchanges and cooperation in several European countries and aims to extend to all the member countries and those in the accession phase, to the European Union. Tours and exchanges are planned across Europe during the year. Nevertheless they will be limited to remain consistent with its objectives.

2 - Composition

The Music and Peace European Symphonic Orchestra is composed of a maximum of 35 instrumentalists, a women conductor and artistic director, a European relations officer, an accountant, a press officer, personal assistant to the director, an administrator and a manager.

In time, the orchestra will ingage a producer, a graphic artist and a set designer.

The cooperation planned will involve skills of other personalities, agencies, artistic compagnies, and non permanent structures of the orchestra such as choirs, women composers, soloists, dancers, etc.

3 - Objectives

The Music and Peace European Symphonic Orchestra facilitates access to music by bringing into view the common European musical and cultural patrimony allowing everyone, including the linguistic minorities or those forgotten by the large musical institutions, abolishing social, linguistic, and rural boundaries and others.

It reveals, helps rediscovers and shares the wealth of patrimonial and contemporary music by favoring a European identity founded on a common cultural and artistic patrimony.

It promotes the French culture within the European Union.

It encourages inter-cultural meetings and dialogue through the common musical expertise and ways of an orchestra composed of different nationalities and personalities. Moreover, the planned musical exchanges will permit the pooling of knowledge, techniques and tendencies among European artists. Because of its nature and activities, the orchestra contributes to the mobility of the artists and musical works.

It promotes men/women equality, encouraging the creations of women composers and their accession to the direction of the orchestra and respect of men/women equality within the composition of the orchestra.

The orchestra works for integration, assistance for the disabled and most underprivileged.

The OSEMP carries out the will communicated by the different cultural collaborators met at the time of processing of the activities, to intensify cooperation in the exchanges in the musical domain and the links between the different European cultures.

It desires to bring to light common references and assets which favour the emergence of a European identity that respects its fundamental principles of the well-being of populations and the maintaining of peace.

4 - The actions

The OSEMP provides four different types of action :

1 - Activities regarding women composers creations, the promotion of women conductors of the orchestra and the recreation of manuscripts.

In this section the activities are as follows:

This will be held in place that is suitable for the musicians and spectators hearing and which offers good acoustics.

2 - Activities for youth and adults choirs.

In this section the activities are the following:

3 - Charitable, educational, ecological and patrimonial restoration operations.

In these operations threee causes will be highlighted:

In this sector of activities are the following:

The exchange of choral concerts will benefit from these activities (see the following point).

4 - The construction of a holiday centre for the persons with disabilities and caregivers in Saint Jean Pied de Port.

The implementation of this is planned over a three year period or more if necessary in collaboration with other associates. When completed it will be followed by other similar projects.

In this sector are the following activities:

Concerts and performances on tour on the way to Saint-Jacques de Compostelle.


The actions taken by the Orchestra will have direct beneficiaries selected as the programme is put in place.

The activities of the Orchestra will have multiple beneficiaries:

Value and long term prospects

The creation of the Orchestra and its activities play a great part in the creation of a space for European dialogue, cooperation and open-mindedness.

It respects and intensifies the first and fundamental values which lead to the creation of the European Union itself: that of well-being of peoples and the mantaining of peace.

It brings and puts into practice the French values of Freedom, Equality and Solidarity:

Very few activities exist which allow the up dating of the role of women as composers and conductors of orchestras in Europe and the OSEMP will permet the encouragement of this minority to assert themselves and to amplify their space in the musical landscape.

It operates directly transferring funds back the institutions which have appealed to it for help. By it's operations in schools it empowers the future European citizens allowing them to have an active rôle in the formation of their world by solidarity, by the impact of «Trees for the Planet» or by participating in the restauration of the patrimony.

It strengthens the consciousness of the humanitarian, ecological and solidarity chain.

The Orchestra will contribute concretely by the important number of meetings and exchanges it will provoke and the diversity of public it will touch in the member countries and those of the European Union bringing them together.

It will contribute to unite Europe citizens by its activities in proximity to the public.

The whole of the activities planned by the Orchestra are to be continued in the long term and to intensify itself because it creates a solid network of partners, a practice of exchanges and a mutual confidence.